Saturday, July 30, 2011

Random Wednesday

Yet another random Wednesday here... and thus a random story.  I cannot recall the idea that spawn whatever this might be called but please speculate as to the cause:

Silent as the dead of night, he crept.  His dress robe wrapped tightly secured at his waist.  Out of his room, down the hall, and out the window he went.  To where at this time of night?  To what or whom?  With each maneuver down to the ground, one slip, one noise, and he would be found out.  Feet landing scuffed but none the worse for ware, he was on his way.  Skating across the lawn, he tried to quickly make it to tree cover.  
Now in the tree-line, off came the dressing robe only to reveal that instead of his night clothes were riding pants, dress-shirt, and coat.  Even as he pulled off his robe, his pace did not slow.  He was on a mission. What mission? Who could know but he?  Time and time again, as dark as night, he would almost lose his footing on a bulging root or a broken branch, but each time would steady himself just in time. No matter how dark the night, he would not be discouraged from the plan.
A clearing in the distance, is that the destination?  His eyes were fierce and unrelenting as they searched.  With each step, his pace became like a horse's canter.  Neck long and craning left to right, he continues to scan.  Stopping to hurl himself across a small pool, his footing wobbles but only for a moment, then back on his way.  Branches are starting to thin, the sun is soon to rise, and the clearing is just up ahead.
One foot into the clearing, his whole body sighs when his eager eyes come across their match.  To the right of the clearing, just outside of the tree-line, is a person in shroud.  Gliding without thought, he makes his way over.  As he arrives, she pulls the hood down to reveal her face only to pull her fingers to her mouth. With a loud shrill whistle, two horses emerge.  No hugs, no kiss, but a knowing look and brush of hands before they mount.  Riding toward the sunrise, they think only of the life ahead.

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