Saturday, January 28, 2012

Enough is enough

Legs cramp along side a sore butt
Bones ache in the effort to break free
Piles of clothes cover the floor
The windows slowly piled over
No sounds in the dark room
No ears to hear cries for help
Trying to claw to freedom, buried
With each handful removed, ten more seem to take their place
With no excape, arms pinned with the ever growing pile
Each breath gets smaller, shorter till the last gasp fades into silence

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A tear streaked face

Feet race across the slipping and scattering rocks
Falling is not an option; failing is unacceptable
The cold is blistering to the cheek
The wind is chilling to the bone
Miles ago the trail of blood had started
Cracking branches and a taunting laugh not far behind
A small head twitch to hear, eyes wide, face falling at the sight of the hooded figure too near
With a small shake: teeth clenched, eyes bore fire despite shaking hands
With a turn and planted feet, fists clenched trying to hide tremors and deep breaths fought back burning eyes
All that was left was to fight

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mercy rains

With each creaking footstep he finds his way; closer and closer to freedom.  Ahead there is light, just out of reach.  How to get that extra step?  Quite tones trick his, anxious to get away he breaks away.  His feet pound the old wood floors; with each thump his terror wells.  "Is that me?  Are they close behind?"  Thoughts rattle through as he shakes them away.  No effort left he pulls his last energy to run a little further with a shout for mercy 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is not Neverland

My sister is getting married today.
All the last minute scrambles and questioning things that cannot be changed will end in a few short hours.  My sister will be married.  She will forever live with a man, her husband.  Though I have been married for a few years this is still odd to say.  We lived all our lives together, sharing a room from my birth till just past my 18th birthday where we went to college together and lived in a one bedroom apart...
For years we never experienced much without the other present.  Now we grow up... grow apart... grow older...

This is not Neverland.