Saturday, August 20, 2011

OCD doesn't win in the end?

I sit anticipating what will happen next
Playing out all the scenarios
Thinking hard enough. . . it will work?
Planing down to the movements, it can't go wrong

My hand with reach out at this moment
Looking on for assurance
The moment has come
The moment had gone

Left alone waiting
wondering. . .
How could it have gone wrong?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nuggets of Gold

Today will lack the smooth roll of fiction piece as I normally write on these pleasant Saturday... nor is it on time (being that I normally write away in the morning) because this week I am sick...

I hate the ever present feeling of pressure and a desire to have blow my nose.  It makes me think of all those really bad jokes I told as a child "Sir, is your refrigerator running?"...

Alas I am that fridge... but no matter the amount of tissue I use it still keeps coming.  I wish I sneezed gold.  How awesome would being sick be then.... Gettin' paid!  So much better.  Maybe I would be more ok with this sickness even now, just pretending that golden "treasures" to be found oh so often were nuggets of gold... nope, not even I am that good at imagining.  And I am pretty awesome at it... and super humble too if you couldn't.

They say you can't catch a sickness over the interwebs but I am not convinced so I leave you now in hopes that you are not infected by this lingering yellow plague.