Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nuggets of Gold

Today will lack the smooth roll of fiction piece as I normally write on these pleasant Saturday... nor is it on time (being that I normally write away in the morning) because this week I am sick...

I hate the ever present feeling of pressure and a desire to have blow my nose.  It makes me think of all those really bad jokes I told as a child "Sir, is your refrigerator running?"...

Alas I am that fridge... but no matter the amount of tissue I use it still keeps coming.  I wish I sneezed gold.  How awesome would being sick be then.... Gettin' paid!  So much better.  Maybe I would be more ok with this sickness even now, just pretending that golden "treasures" to be found oh so often were nuggets of gold... nope, not even I am that good at imagining.  And I am pretty awesome at it... and super humble too if you couldn't.

They say you can't catch a sickness over the interwebs but I am not convinced so I leave you now in hopes that you are not infected by this lingering yellow plague.  

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