Saturday, July 9, 2011

A random Wednesday

I have recently become unemployed.  I chose those words wisely because that is what I am at the moment.  I wasn't fired and I didn't quit... interesting quagmire that is me.  My husband likes to say that I am famous (within those who know me) for my "yes/no" answers.  NO, that doesn't me a give a definitive answer it means I can't seem to give either so definitely so I give both.  Such as life with me.

Thus said, I have some time on my hands and I started writing again and for no particular reason or rhyme I wrote this: 

She waits, sitting at the end of the dock.  Small ribbon twiddling between her fingers as she waddles from post to post, wondering what lay beyond.  The cold water went all the way up her small legs as she kicked away imaginary foes.  Singing lyrics only she knows to a song no one knows, she waits.
She smiles, watching the birds overhead.  Stories come to mind as to how they decided one day to just fly.  Standing up she pushes her arms out to the sides, lifting them up and then back down, again and again.  Eyes shut so only she can see what it looks like to fly; she smiles.
She runs, racing the fish below.  Cheeks in, lips open and shut as she speaks to the fish, telling him of his beauty.  On her stomach, she reaches to pet her new friend.  Up again looking for more adventures, she runs.
She laughs, watching the dog chase the cat up a tree.  Rubbing her eyes with a large yawn, she wanes.  Small ribbon twiddling between her fingers as she waddles from post to post wondering what lay beyond.  Arms wrapped around her as she snuggles in the crook of a warm neck; she laughs.


  1. lifting her arms up and down, i love that. this post was able to make me smile, thank you for that.

  2. You are welcome... but mostly just glad that it wasn't terrible ;P