Saturday, July 2, 2011

50 Challenge

My husband and I have similar passions: art.  Every form and every facet, from painted oils to video games (he knows much more about the later and can thus appreciate it more but I try).  One of our past times is to challenge each other with writing assignments.  This challenge: write a short story in 50 words. Not 48, not 52: 50.  It is more difficult than you would think.  So here is my attempt: 

Slender hands knit away without need of vision.  
The creak of old wood as she paces.  
Craning to see further up the empty road, waiting.  
Arms wrapped tightly, she holds herself.
 Empty, her home, the road, her arms,
in her hands a letter,
marked official,
addressed to her,
never opened.


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  2. oh my word. AMAZING! you write beautifully. i was so touched by your story. please do more of these! i especially appreciated your use of the word craning. nice! :) <3

  3. Thanks for the compliment! I post on this blog every Sat. so you can see a new post tomorrow!

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