Saturday, November 12, 2011

Accepting Mediocrity

Second weekend of the month... still going strong with NaNoWriMo.  I'm ahead of schedule and that's how I like it.  I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here.  Do you have any special family plans/traditions?  My family traditions generally consist of lots and lots of food... more that just merely a gluttonous amount. This year I am in charge of pies.  I'm pretty excited because dessert is my favorite part.

Though the task of writing a novel seems overwhelming I would encourage you to try next year (and yes, if you don't do it with others then most the time you won't do it).  Though you need to know going into it: your novel will suck the first go round.  No matter how much you read or write other things: a first ever novelist in their first draft always sucks.  Just a matter of how badly it will suck.  It could be only a little or it could be like mine: totally horrible.  I'm not discouraged: only place is to go up from here!  (Look at the greats... or in the case the example that comes to mind is Jane Austen, her first novel wasn't great and took years of tweaking and she still never wanted to publish that.  Her family did just after her death if I recall properly.)  Well, I'll leave you with these short remarks so you may return to your fun Saturday afternoon activities.

Ps.  I promise I'll go back to the regular scheduled writing first thing December.  

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