Saturday, October 29, 2011

Her cool hand hold her resting head.
Deep breaths.
Why? Why is it so hard?
How difficult is it to just let go?
Is it possible?
Thoughts race by leaving a mind stunned

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sea breeze

It was a bright and clear day.  One like most the rest of summer, different but only to her.  Plopping down she digs her feet into the sand past the heat of the first few layers.  Her own hands seem foreign as they hold tight around her. But nothing can cover the isolation.  Pulling her head high, she closes her eyes pulls in the breeze as it washes over her.  Alone but strong, she takes another deep breath.  With each deep breath a calm fills her, not stopping what is to come but she can breath.  Angst no longer stifles her lungs.  She pushes herself to stand and slowly makes the walk down the beach.  One lone set of footsteps are in her wake, as she slowly makes her way back down the beach.  One hand roams free from paced swing, gently landing on the seemingly unwanted guest.   Looking down, smirking to herself.  Her footsteps won't be alone for long.  

Saturday, October 15, 2011

lurking smile

Head, neck and all her heart hunched over the desk pouring out onto the pages beneath the steady flowing pen.  With each line the words seem to pour out of her with greater speed.
To what end? She doesn't know nor would she desire it.
It is in this mystery her smirk lurks.
How far will it take her?
Why should she care.
The unease of knowing the track could end drives her on. . . the abyss calls

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flutters to flight

Flights of fancy, moving from one thing to the next seemingly unattached from anything of substance or duty.  Stopping to smell the flowers, nay stopping to relax in beauty.  Fluttering to and fro with seeming indecision it is a wonder how it works.  With each jump, more confusion.  How can all this seeming ambivalence lead to production.  Oh, how I wish my the seeming folly of my life lead to this sweet nectar!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sleep or listless dream

In the world alone yet not alone.  How is it that even in a room of people, midst a conversation she is lost in her own thoughts.  A torrid of emotions and stress.  The build up of emotion caused by who knows what pools till puddles form at the back of the eyes wishing to be tears, arrogance meet with a head shake will them back deep into the pool of unrequited emotions.   Sitting in the dark unable to make clear thoughts, her mind jumps.  Deep sorrow and loneliness to irritation at emotion.  Her legs pull closer, as a scared child, unsure of life.  Completely unsecured, completely equivocal, slumped with defeat she sleeps...